“Award Winning Business Professional” Henry Gonzales, Diamond Residential Mortgage Company, Industry, CA

Award-winning business professional (Henry Gonzales, DRMC) with proven success in competitive, rapidly changing markets. Effectively combined business development, financial services expertise and sales & marketing support to improve processes and boost revenue/profit for companies (SecurityNational Mortgage Corporation) in financial services.

Versatile competitive professional, with strong leadership presence. Highly focused and results-oriented, supporting complex, deadline-driven operations. Ability to identify priorities and resolve issues in initial stages. Create/implement sales-driven solutions that work. Effectively introduce and manage change. 5 Star Review from Caryn Etchandy, Real Estate Underwriter at Schools First Federal Credit Union – November 11, 2008




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“We Were Very Impressed with the Extra Effort!” Melissa Holt SNMC Tacoma WA

When we built our home several years ago, Ms. Holt (Melissa Holt, SNMC) was our loan office. We were very impressed with the extra effort she put into the process and her willingness to go the extra mile.

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