“Quickly Demonstrated His Talent” Patrick Laing JPL & Associates

He (Patrick Laing JPL & Associates) quickly demonstrated his sales and marketing talent by achieving the highest levels of sales achievement at the #1 office in our company, at the time, among a team of over 300 sales people company wide. His professionalism, work ethic and attention to customer and member needs, helped to quickly bring him record breaking success among the top sales representatives in our industry. While maintaining top honors and success within our organization, it became quite apparent that it was time to advance Patrick into a leadership and management position within our growing company. He rose to the occasion at an extremely high level once again helping to grow our sales team efforts at several different locations.Dennis B.

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“The Best Year We’ve had Followed Big Web’s Services” Big Web Machine

Sue Braaten, Owner and Operator of Best Western Wesley Inn in Gig Harbor, WA, explains how Big Web Media’s services increased their direct reservations from one percent to over eighty percent.

“Has Significantly Supplemented His Overall Education” Kumon Math and Reading Center North Tacoma

My son has been coming to Kumon  (Kumon North Tacoma) for 7 years now. In that time we have gained friends and he has learned, and continues to learn, reading and math skills that he will use well into adulthood. We enjoy many things about the Kumon program. The daily assigned work to reinforce concepts, the rewards provided for perfect attendance to promote accountability and the flexibility of the program to adjust to each student’s pace and level of learning; to name a few. We also enjoy the parties, socialization and community events that Kumon hosts or attends. The Kumon program has taught my child that there is more to learn than what is available in school and has significantly supplemented his overall education. My child is ahead of his grade level in math and Kumon provides an outlet for him to challenge himself in a subject that he loves and learn tools to tackle the subjects that he doesn’t. Karliy C. Tacoma

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“Wow! Go See Dan” Dan Johnson Motivational Speaker

Wow! Go see Dan…. if you really want to unlock the potential of your brain.  Dan (Johnson, Motivational Speaker) showed everyone that once you know how the noodle works you can really gain control of your potential.
John Roberts,  Geshwin Consulting and Research, June 2015

“A True Customer Focused Business” Goodyear Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma

As always, a top class experience that was quick and convenient! Love these guys (Goodyear Courtesy Automotive and Tire) and can’t even explain how helpful they have been over my past year here in WA. A true family, friendly and customer focused business. I will miss them terribly when I move!

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